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July 2, 2020

Lift Retirement: News & Information for Employees

A good total rewards program helps you attract and retain the best possible talent for your organization. Add a great workplace culture and environment and you could be on your way to becoming an employer of choice among job-seekers.


A total rewards program is adopted by a company that provides benefits for its employees including:

1. Compensation—base pay, overtime, bonuses
2. Work/life balance—flexible scheduling, remote work opportunities
3. Benefits—health, life, dental and vision insurance, retirement plan, and voluntary benefits such as wellness
4. Recognition—feedback regarding performance and areas needing improvement, employee recognition programs
5. Growth and development—performance development planning, career paths, internal and external training, tuition reimbursement

However, the playing field has changed with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve gone from record employment to record unemployment. That should make it easier to recruit top talent, right? It might—but only
if your benefits are up to the challenge.


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