How fulfilled are you in your personal and professional life? Is there more you hope to accomplish? Is there something that’s missing?

One of our specialties is financial life planning. In fact, TPW managing partner Dana R. Mascalo possesses the Registered Life Planner (RLP®) designation. It’s a truly creative and holistic approach that aligns your financial life with the things that matter most to you in your personal and professional life. 

Through an in-depth, exploratory process, we guide you in uncovering what’s most meaningful to you so you can realign your focus with an ignited personal vision. Then we work with you to organize your finances, mapping out a financial plan to support your life plan and help you begin manifesting the resources you need to live your dreams.

Taking Time To Chart Your Destiny

In the accelerated environment of the modern world, it’s easy to simply put our dreams aside while we focus on careers, our families, and other priorities. Even when we do take the time to consider them, it can seem like there is a chasm of complexity between us and our image of the future. But it is important that we touch base with our true dreams and actively chart a path towards them. 

When you come to us, we walk with you step by step to create a detailed, flexible financial plan to realize and reach what is most important to you. 

If you have a major shift in your goals or priorities, we will be happy to help you adjust your plan to match your needs. We know that life can change at a moment’s notice, so we are always ready to help our clients navigate the ebbs and flows of life. Our financial planning services are time-tested and client-approved for fulfilling success. 

Financial Planning with Trinitypoint wealth

Let TrinityPoint Wealth Help You Thrive

At TrinityPoint Wealth, it is a point of pride for us when clients are able to manifest what matters most to them. Daily, we strive to refine our knowledge and services so our clients continue to benefit from a unique, holistic approach to financial life planning. 

Looking to kickstart your own financial life planning process? We’d love to hear from you! Give us a call today or send us an email to get in touch with a member of our financial life planning team!  

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